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My Debate About Banking Services in Ampthill
Posted Thursday, 16 March 2017 at 05:48
HMIC Report into Bedfordshire Police
Posted Friday, 3 March 2017 at 13:03

The HMIC report into Bedfordshire Police released yesterday was disappointing and will be worrying many of my constituents. While I have some concerns about our policing, I do not believe that the report presents an accurate picture of the challenges Bedfordshire is facing.

Beds Police is funded as a small rural force, when it has an immensely challenging patch that includes one major centre of urban crime and an international airport. The funding formula set by the Home Office is inadequate in this respect and all Bedfordshire MPs have long been making this case.

On top of that, Beds Police had until May last year a weak and ineffective Police and Crime Commissioner who simply wasn’t up to the job. He correctly identified the problem with the funding formula but had no innovations or skills to manage the force effectively.

Beds Police has also had three Chief Constables in the last six years. This turnover has been too high and led to a lack of consistency in management of the force. However Jon Boucher, the new Chief, is exceptionally capable and has my full support.

The HMIC report states that Beds Police is ‘inadequate’. I simply do not believe this is the case. The Chief Constable and Kathryn Holloway, the new Police and Crime Commissioner, are both strong and effective leaders. Public opinion shows that satisfaction with the police in our county is rising.

Bedfordshire Police faces very real challenges in adapting to a changing pattern of complex crime over a large area. That is not reflected in the HMIC report, which has reached an incorrect conclusion.

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