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Posted Friday, 11 July 2008 at 13:45


A slightly different Friday. As soon as my last appointment is over I am off up the motorway to Beverley and Holderness which is the constituency of Graham Stuart MP.


Graham led the tremendous campaign against the closure of cottage hospitals. I have known Graham for quite some years now. After being selected for Mid Bedfordshire late on a Saturday night, I didn’t sleep again until the early hours of the Monday morning.


I drove around every inch of the constituency on the Sunday. An official tour with Ashley, the Chairman of my association, and then on my own.


Graham was one of the phone calls plugged into my earphones and chatted to me whilst I drove. He was genuinely thrilled for me. He is a true friend, one of those rare MPs who gives good advice with no self interest attached; and therefore it will be a total selfless pleasure to make the ten hour drive, there and back!!!

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