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Posted Tuesday, 1 December 2009 at 11:56

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that Christmas just landed on top of me this year with a mighty thump. One minute I was saying ‘it’s ages away’, the next I was being reminded by my ever hopeful daughters that it is in fact only three weekends away and I had better get shopping!


Christmas is a tough time for parents. Many cross their fingers and hope that they can survive until the end of January to cushion the blow of the additional expense Christmas has incurred.


It’s even worse for single parents who take that responsibility on their own shoulders with no support financially or emotionally. As a single parent myself, I know how tough ‘going it alone’ is and I know only too well how many sleepless nights come with that package.


I doubt there are many single parents who would say that they much prefer that option to having someone by their side, to share both the responsibility, the work load and the pleasure of family life.


I am proud that David Cameron and my party are the strongest supporters of marriage in Parliament today. The speech given yesterday by the Government-funded Family and Parenting Institute head, Dr Rake, sounded  a strong death knell for the traditional family – in fact, she went even further and used her speech to warn politicians against encouraging traditional families and marriage.


It may be the case that many children today are born outside of marriage and are cared for by relatives. If we were living in a strong, communal, neighbourly society and the country had strength, purpose and direction with few problems, then I agree, it would be very hard indeed to fight the marriage corner when the erosion of the family appeared to be having little if any impact. As we all know, however, it’s just not like that.


Our society is, in many parts of the country, completely broken, to the extent that many of you reading this would not think possible.


Marriage as an institution has worked well for thousands of years; it is the bedrock of a strong society. It provides the ideal framework in which to raise children, as evidence shows, and it’s not about politics.


It’s about two people setting off on a journey together, to share and enjoy the future trials and tribulations of family life, providing the boundaries of security within which children thrive.


As I began, Christmas is a tough time or families, It’s tougher still when you are on your own. The Government need to examine why it is that so many marriages are breaking down and, as David Cameron is doing, look at ways to support and encourage marriage. That’s the difficult and challenging option. Gordon Brown has chosen the easy way out, appointing a quango head to announce the end of the family as we know it which, if believed, removes the problem from his shoulders and distances Labour from twelve years of policies which have systematically undermined the family. No 10 may look upon yesterday’s speech as a tribute to a job well done.


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