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England Is Drowning..
Posted Saturday, 21 July 2007 at 10:26


And my children are in the thick of it, mud that is.


My middle daughter and her boyfriend abandoned his car last night and spent the night in a Civic Centre, recipients of the three S’s – sleeping bag, soup and sandwiches.


Fortunately for them, half an army battalion were also trapped and spent the night with them. The last phone call, from someone’s empty office in the Civic Centre, was to inform me that they, the army my daughter and the boyfriend, were off to explore how to get out of the town they are trapped in, and to try and find an open un-flooded road.


My youngest daughter and her friend were sent home from school early. They waded through knee deep water to her friend’s house, it took them hours, helped by firemen with ropes across the roads and various friendly locals in Range Rovers and tractors.


They arrived at the house, which they thought would be dry, to discover the water beginning to rise rapidly in the kitchen – so two exhausted girls had me, from a BBC studio, being viewed by the staff of the Today programme, barking instructions to take water, food and any photos or expensive items upstairs quickly.


The friend’s mother was trying, wading in now waist high water, to get to them. She had so far taken two hours to walk 500 yds, with the assistance of firemen telling her to go back. She wouldn’t, she wanted to get to the girls.


I phoned the girls back to say that not me, but the other mum, the one who wasn’t 100 miles away in dry safe London, the one who was being swept down a high street, now up to her armpits in water with a couple of firemen and the RAF chasing her trying to stop her, would be with them any minute!


Just before the mobile phone went dead my youngest said “mum, can we still get the Harry Potter book tonight?"!


I have just had a text from two close friends, Carol and Les to say that they are wading around their bungalow knee high in water. Their home is also their business as they run a B+B.


Toby another friend is trapped upstairs in his house. Tobe’s, I know the phone sockets are flooded and your land line is down, however, I know the computer is upstairs, so if by any wild chance you read this – help is on it’s way my love!


And I sit here, in dry safe Woburn – knowing that many of the people I know are trapped in the school, which has no electricity now and no phones working either. How awful can it be?


I think I may have a few more house guests than I reckoned on staying here this summer!

Sweeper said:
Responded: Saturday, 21 July 2007
All this unusual weather is down to Global Warming Nadine. Or to be more precise an American called Thomas Midgeley, whose idea it was to put lead in petrol and then went on to be responsible for CFCs in refrigeration.So you can truly say that the Americans are responsible for destroying this wonderful planet of ours.
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