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Posted Wednesday, 12 March 2008 at 12:07

I was made aware of this article in last week's New Statesman which I wasn't going to mention as I come out of it rather well; however, my local newspaper editor did in the Bedfordshire On Sunday. Well he would, given that he is as left as they come, and regards The New Statesman in the same way the rest of us do the Bible.

Anyway, following on from that and the article in the
Daily Mail, I seem to be having a bit of a media week.

Richard Kay, in today's 
Daily Mail society gossip diary, is especially interesting. What he doesn't have room to mention is the fact that the offending student started banging the table at the end of my first sentence, which was to welcome everyone.

My second sentence was to say I was sure there was at least one person on every table who had ambitions to become an MP; but let's hope it's not you, looking at Mr table thumper, which, judging by the reaction in the room, was a particularly sweet moment for me.

However, no hard feelings thumper, if you ever want a stint in an MP's office in the House of Commons, come and work for me. You need to learn how the other half live young man, in order to maximise the brilliant future I am sure lays ahead of you!

The Western Daily Press 

And before anyone even begins to think  'is this press stuff going to her head?' No one is more aware than me that they can shoot you down as quick as they lift you up. Especially the Beds on Sunday.

I'm waiting....

Finally, there was this piece in The Sun on 10th March 2008 also:

A WACKO fan keeps sending mysterious presents to the sparky Tory MP Nadine Dorries . She reveals on her blog that her personal assistant rang her "to say we've just received another box of condoms in the post at the House of Commons. That's three dozen this week!" A mere trifle to some politicians.

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