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Vested Interest
Posted Saturday, 5 April 2008 at 09:59

Two nice things happened last night. I went straight from a surgery to speak at a meeting of 500 people in Harlington, which is just by junction 12.


The meeting was a result of the combined efforts of CASH and CAST and Mike, John, Kimberley and everyone who is putting such a huge effort into this. People Power in action.


We had a clicker, we knew the exact number. The not so nice thing was that we had to turn car after car away because there was no room in the car park and the insurance didn’t cover more than 500 people at the school.


The meeting was in protest at the proposed re-location of Luton FC with accompanying stadium and warehouses, slap bang on junction 12 right next door to Harlington and Toddington. More with lots of pictures on Monday.


The second nice thing was that my PA Pippa and her lovely husband Jonathan moved into their first new home in Harlington.


When the meeting ended, I drove round to make my first visit and to catch Pippa's mum and dad before they left. There was lots of champagne, tinned soup, black bin bags, packing cases, and laughter.


They are so madly in love those two; they will live happily ever after. Hopefully in Harlington. 


Proud of their new first home, the last thing they want is a stadium as a neighbour. Needless to say, the words Stadium, Junction 12 and dead body are often spoken in the same sentence in my office!


Nothing like a nice bit of vested interest!!!!



In one of my surgeries yesterday a student from Oxford told me that in his opinion (wait for it!) MPs were a homogenous lot.


Really, I do try hard to like these guys - what is with them?!!


I told him that in my humble opinion, so were students from Oxford, but that I wouldn’t hold it against him.


Give me strength!

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