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Posted Wednesday, 4 June 2008 at 13:55

I'm becoming uncomfortable with the number of times I am appearing, or being quoted, in the Guardian and the Observer.

G2 profiled me a couple of weeks ago. They sent a reporter and a photographer, the photographer was nice.

The press on the other side don't exactly mis-quote me, but if I make a comment or an off hand remark to try and lighten up a heavy line of questioning, they will use that rather than my substantive point.

When I have given a couple of hours of my time for an interview, I find this ‘cheap’ journalism really tedious.

I'm in yesterday's G2 again, described as 'foetus cradling.'

Interesting how those who have no regard for human life describe a baby as a foetus.

When a pregnant mum has a 20 week scan she is asked if she would like to see her baby on the screen. She is given a print out of a picture of her baby to keep, like this one at 20 weeks.

No mum or couple are ever asked "would you like to see your foetus?" or "would you like a print out of your foetus to keep for the baby album?"

I suppose those over at the Guardian and I will never agree on this issue, however, there is one thing I do know that they may be interested in.

Many of the thousands of letters and emails we have received over the last month end with words like "disgusted Guardian reader" or similar.

The Guardian may take an editorial line on abortion; however, one has to question the wisdom of a newspaper which appears to insist on only playing the tune of the pro-abortion extremists, and ignoring the majority view point of the rest of society, who regard a baby at 20 weeks plus gestation as just that, a baby. Something to do with being informed by the photographs they see of babies in premature baby units at the same stage surviving and living well maybe?

Now, can we see G2 describe me as ‘baby cradling’ instead of foetus cradling? No, that’s never going to happen is it!


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