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Posted Monday, 9 June 2008 at 12:05

It has not been a nice weekend.

The frenzied attack against Conservative MPs and MEPs, orchestrated by and emanating from the left wing BBC and press has equalled that of an animal in its death throes. The more terminal the position looks for Labour, the more desperate the BBC and the left wing press become.

Are we all to believe that Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs and MEPs don’t make mistakes or are so different as human beings? I do not condone any misuse of allowance, however what we saw over the weekend was the equivalent of a McCarthy style witch hunt.

The attack against Caroline Spelman was particularly sickening. To take an MP, who ten years previously sought a meeting with the Chief Whip to query whether or not her arrangements were within the rules, which they obviously were, and then to be vilified before any inquiry has been held in the way the National Press, TV and bloggers have, has been appalling. As my postman said, “Ten years ago? Is this news?”

I hope that when this is sorted, her innocence will be declared by the BBC all day long just as it declared her guilty without proof or substantial investigation on Saturday.

The week before the vote on abortion, I was contacted by my local press to inform me that that the Labour spokesman for the area had made a complaint about my expenses to the Commissioner for standards.

The complaint was entirely inaccurate, without foundation and thrown out by the Commissioner, but that wasn’t the point. It was made in an attempt to destabilise me during the most important week of my career. Desperate left wing tactics.

If the left think this kind of behaviour endears them to the public, then I think it simply serves to epitomise how out of touch they are. The public can see right through this witch hunt, in a way they couldn’t see through cash for peerages.

The incoming Conservative government has many big dragons to slay, the BBC has to be the biggest.


My daughter Jenny, who is 20, begins work for me this week for six weeks as a paid intern.

She told me I shouldn’t put what she earns on the blog as it is against her human rights. I told her that as an MP's daughter, she doesn’t have any. She is being paid £7.50 per hour.

She has superb computer skills and one of her first jobs will be to start working through a packing case of letters, cards and emails received following the abortion vote, along with the full in-tray ready and waiting on her desk.

If Michael Crick or any other journalist would like to check it out she is working from my staff office, just be our guest.

Is there a better communication tool than a blog?

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