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Posted Thursday, 12 June 2008 at 10:20

Yesterday was one of those days. Labour whips prowling the corridors, Labour MPs hiding in re-cycling bins ( they wish!).

At one point, five MP- searching Labour whips all came together at once on the terrace, arms outstretched, fingers working the blackberries.

Someone needs to tell them, it works with a stick if your looking for water but you will never detect a rebelling Labour MP with a mobile phone!

It was high drama all day.

The vote last night had nothing to do with terrorism or detention and everything to do with saving Gordon's face.

Gordon says 24 weeks for abortion and the Labour whips fly into action, if 20 had won, we would have had a PM who was wrong. Wrong equals weak equals no respect.

Gordon says 42 days for detention, here we go again.

Only it wasn't so easy this time. The nine bribes for the nine DUP members votes which won him the night cost around £30million each, and that doesn't include the money he used to buy off some of the rebels.

24, 42, not a good combination for Gordon.

Now, how many months do you think it could be until the next General Election?

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