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Posted Saturday, 14 June 2008 at 13:17

Yesterday was another busy constituency day, as is today! However it got more interesting as the afternoon wore on.

The previous evening I had spoken for quite some time to 200 residents from Liddlington about the proposed Eco Town - much more to come on that one!

The morning began with a busy surgery, followed by a question time session with the Bedfordshire Law Society.

Being sat in front of fifty lawyers firing highly legal questions at you is pretty daunting, with it being my first time it was not at all what I was expecting! I think I held my own and the lawyers present highlighted some very serious and important points.

From there I went straight on to a site visit and realised when I got there I had forgotten to throw my wellies into the car.

I traipsed across the countryside in 5’ heels - I was fine if I kept moving but the minute I stood still, I sank!!

There will be some people reading this blog who won’t be the faintest bit surprised to read this. I’m sorry, but I would rather take on the bindweed and nettles in heels than try and find the time in my diary to re-arrange.

I then went to wave off the region's Scout leaders and parents who were about to embark on a two hour hike. The Scout movement is active in my patch and it’s so great to see all those young people about to do something which does not involve a computer.

I then met with some local residents with regards to a planning application.

In the middle of all of this a little drama - which in itself highlighted to amazing effect how totally incompetent this government is - began and developed into something I will blog about early on Monday morning.

You will have to read it to believe it!

I am attending my first civil partnership tomorrow - it doesn't take too much work to guess who that might be.

I am amazed that John has allowed Iain to blog it. I have sat in on an "absolutely no way" supper, which just goes to show - all the best relationships are built on compromise.

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