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The Summer Ball
Posted Tuesday, 24 June 2008 at 10:35

We held our Summer Ball on Friday night and this year Nicholas Soames, son of Christopher Soames, and grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, spoke to us.

No one wants to read a list of names. The angels know who they are. Thank you for such a well organised evening, and especially Pippa and Andrea.

To Dr Gillian and Ann, thank you so much for you know what!

Nicholas spoke about his subject of excellence, our armed forces.

We sat and listened to a previous Minister of Defence, the grandson of Winston, and a man who has a genetic passion for our troops, talk with absolute knowledge. When it came to questions, he took no prisoners. He knew exactly what he was talking about.

I have had so many messages from people telling me how much they enjoyed ‘touching his hem’ and listening to him.

Last week Sarah Bryant, stationed at Chicksands which is the intelligence unit in my constituency, lost her life in the course of duty.

A number of people have sent me emails since she died, expressing their thoughts regarding the role of women in war and our troops in general.

During the vote of thanks I told the assembled audience that I was hoping to get out to Afghanistan very soon.

Time after time I say goodbye to soldiers or airmen from my constituency, and I don’t always know what happens after.

Some tell me what it's really like. I feel that as the MP who listens to these men and women upon their return, I really need to know a little bit more of what they are talking about, and that is why I am going to make the trip.

I used one of the emails as the basis of my vote of thanks after Nicholas' speech.

I spoke about how none of us should complain on a hot day this year. We should think about our troops in full gear and back packs, too frightened to remove their helmets to wipe their brows, even for a minute.

When we kiss our children we should spare a thought for our troops who kiss photographs of theirs. And if you are lucky enough to go to bed with someone you love, think about those who, before they sleep at night, wonder if they will return to do the same.

I had to leave the ball early but I know everyone had a great time. If you are reading this and I didn’t get to your table, I am so, so sorry! In the words of Macmillan, events dear boy, events!

Pippa McLuskie, Deputy Chairman Mid Beds Conservative Association with Nicholas Soames MP. 

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