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The War Of The Mediums
Posted Wednesday, 25 June 2008 at 12:51

On Friday of last week I was besieged with telephone calls from journalists asking me to 'attack' Transport Minister 
Tom Harris MP, over a blog he had written asking why people are so miserable.

I declined the offer. Tom is a decent guy who is just doing what the rest of us blogging MPs are doing: trying to be more open and accessible to voters.

I was happy to comment on the more substantive issue and did so, but I wasn't prepared to attack Tom on a personal level, to the disappointment of a few journalists.

One of the more serious Sunday journalists told me over lunch last week that she was "terrified of all this blogging".

"Don't you realise I went to university and clawed my way up Fleet Street for this job," she said. She regards the internet and bloggers as a serious threat to both her job and the circulation of her newspaper.

Today, alas, it's Jeremy Hunt's turn - new to blogging he has dived in with all the right intentions, only to find himself savaged by a national newspaper for daring to write his honest non-policy thoughts on a blog.

This is getting serious. As a seasoned blogger here are my words of advice to any MP who is thinking of taking up the precarious art of blogging.

Take care, your first blog may highlight to newspaper editors everywhere how badly journalists - who are paid huge sums of money with vast liquid expense accounts - actually write; and even more alarmingly, how long it takes them to write it.

This will come as a shock to many editors and will result in the slashing of diary budgets everywhere. You will be blamed for this.

Be warned, journalists are paid to painstakingly winkle out of you the thoughts you will willingly share with your computer and the wider world. This is not funny. What you will deposit in ten minutes via your blackberry straight from brain to screen justifies a day, nay, a week's work for some of the lazier species of lesser reporters.

Be aware that you are entering a world of wisdom-sharing with the masses, which has always been controlled by the few.

The odd blogging MP was looked upon with an 'ah bless' attitude. Now many  more are joining the ranks. Some good, some bad and some just plain marvellous. We are now officially a threat.

To many journalists this means out with the snooze pillow and in with the shorthand. We must be stopped!

And finally, I suppose most importantly, never ever attack or write about journalists. Even in the abstract - they really don't like that, and if you do, heaven help you, you're just asking for trouble.

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