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Harriet Hardwoman
Posted Wednesday, 9 July 2008 at 12:10

Harriet Hardwoman

It doesn't matter where I go, or who I speak to, everyone has an opinion regarding the demise of the Labour Government.

They need Milliband, or Straw, or Balls people say, they will get Harman, darling of the Labour Unions thinks I.

To be fair, that has been the rumour wafting around the Westminster corridors for some time, like the ghost of a lonely ball of tumble weed.

A rumour which didn't really catch on, because it was too incredulous for anyone to believe.

I believed it.

I have faced this woman close up - I watched her in action during the abortion vote. Simon Walters in the Mail On Sunday described her as Harriet Hardwoman, and he was right, she was.

She whipped that vote in a way which delivered victory for the pro-abortion New Labour women and terrified Labour men.

She did it for the girls, so that's that box ticked then. 97 votes in the bag.

She is of course the wife of Jack Dromey, Deputy General secretary of the TGWU - an old boiler of a union girl herself, there's another box ticked and another shed load of votes to her name.

Harriet is without doubt leadership posturing, she could now be leaking, ready for a summer of conjecture and media speculation - if this is the case, she will have tacit approval from her MP peers and comrades. It will all be part of a plan organised with military precision.

Get the idea out there over the summer. There's nothing the media love more when Parliament is in recess than speculation of a leadership bid to fill up the column inches.

Will there be a leadership bid?

If Labour lose the Glasgow East by-election with a fair degree of shame and let's face it, with a leaderless Scottish Labour party and delays in selecting their candidate, it's highly likely, then it's also fair to speculate that Gordon's days may be over.

It's too soon and too risky for the Lochinvars to mount their chargers. There is a bride to be rescued, but not yet.

Milliband knows his time is yet to come, somewhere in the distant future.

I'm sure that in his private moments he sees himself as the saviour of the Labour party, the new Blair facing the same challenges, history repeating itself. He will one day charge in and lift up his party rescuing it from a dreadful fate, but not yet. For now, he will circle his steed at the church door and bide his time.

Its the hardwomans turn, her day has come, and God help anyone who stands In her way.

The only likely opponent would be Straw, a nice man, but frankly you have to take your hat off to Harriet, she has way out manoeuvred him.

Harman will become our Howard, a caretaker leader who will take Labour into defeat but at least it will be an interesting defeat, we won't all be bored into the ground.

There will be left wing arguments of principle and tactics reminiscent of days gone by, when Parliament buzzed and was interesting.

And what do I think of all this? Well an old Labour lag said to me yesterday "It's all your bloody fault" I was genuinely shocked, however, he reckons the abortion vote gave her the vehicle and the platform she needed to move her case up within the party and secure her the vote of the Labour women.

It ignited the media and the public. BBC Parliament viewing figures rose to 1.5million during the debate, the highest recorded. My blog took 70,000 hits that day alone and almost 700,000 during the month. The country was in suspense awaiting the outcome.

She won, by foul means not fair but she won. It was a victory whatever.

Today she is taking PMQs, I'm quite sure the thought 'what if' will be floating around the Chamber.

The photo above is of Harriet watching me deliver my abortion speech in the chamber. It was the only time she came in and she stood behind the speakers chair to watch, something to do with fingerprints I think!


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