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Posted Wednesday, 16 July 2008 at 12:48

There has been much joy over the last few days as Sam Coates from Conservative Home - the surrogate son I borrow from his real Mum and Dad, Pam and Dave - has become the new deputy speech writer for David Cameron.

I hope the local Liverpool papers cover the story as there will be a lot of very proud people in Crosby. But no one - and he will probably kill me for saying this - is as proud as Tim Montgomerie.

It was Tim who originally spotted and nurtured Sam's talent and has invested two and a half patient, tolerant and kind years, in someone he knew would one day become a great asset to the Conservative Party.

I suppose the good thing is, there is now a vacancy for a new protégé. It will take some doing to find another Sam though, who really is an incredibly special and gifted young man.

Deep, clever and wise far beyond his years, with an amazing sense of humour, that you only really tap into when he knows you well - he will be an absolute asset to David's team.

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