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Dignity in defeat..
Posted Saturday, 26 July 2008 at 12:30

Ok, just one last blog.


I was in a car yesterday with my very Conservative daughter, who at the age of fifteen, stood with her hand on her hip tut tutting at George Osborne because he took too long on each doorstep canvassing.


She bullied him in a good humoured relentless way, which George reported back to the team meeting on Monday morning - much to my embarrassment.


At one point I hissed in her ear “do you know who he is madam”? She grinned back, “yeah, my mate George and he’s too flaming slow aren’t you George”. They both walked off laughing.  


I recount this to show how the party runs through my daughter’s veins.


We were listening to the radio in the car and it was all Glasgow East.


She then said something which shocked me. “God, everyone’s so horrible to him it just makes you not want to join in doesn’t it”?


She then went on to say how the style of reporting used by some journalists was a turn off and actually made you want to ‘protect’ Gordon Brown in some way because it was all too distasteful and gloating.


“There should be some dignity in defeat” she concluded.


There’s a message for all of us Conservatives in there somewhere.



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