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Posted Monday, 1 September 2008 at 15:28

Sarah Palin - Just Another Hockey Mom

I’m back, with a packed September constituency diary. However, as is always the case after a good break, I’m raring to go.

I know I am late to this story; however, I have to make my first blog of the term one of support for the VP candidate announced by John McCain, Sarah Palin.

Shrewd move.

I haven’t checked a British blog in a month, but I guess the response has been pure misogynistic bile poring into sites all over the web.

She’s anti-abortion, loves being married and a mother. All things the sisterhood on the left hate.

She’s a female, ambitious and successful, attributes that men on the far right cannot cope with.

She will harness a good number of the 18 million female votes for Hillary, which were drifting dejectedly back to Obama, and pull them right over to the McCain/Palin ticket.

The sisterhood on the left may be political, mobilised and vociferous, but they are a minority. And oh how they loathe a sister on the right.

The bigoted men of yesterday on the right may be vicious in their attack, but they are diminishing and dated.

The left wing political machine may scream and shout all it wants. It can churn out lies and blow up smoke screens, but all they can really do is watch Hillary’s votes shift destination.

The majority of women, and men, in a Western civilised culture know and respect the value of the family. They see as they look around the damage caused by left wing political ideology and dogma. They hanker for the societal boundaries within which our children once grew and understood to return in an attempt to create a more orderly, peaceful and caring society. They want to live in neighbourly communities. They have seen our soldiers killed in action and are relearning the value of human life.

Many people believe that abortion has gone way, way too far.

I believe that Sarah Palin answers a multitude of yearning needs, and John McCain executed a move which left his opponents bewildered, and on the back foot.

She is a reformer, a campaigner, a winner, experienced and  just another hockey mom.

Aren’t we all just another hockey mom? There of course, lies the answer.

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