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Sarah Palin - An Unintended Consequence.
Posted Tuesday, 2 September 2008 at 09:34

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s daughter is seventeen and pregnant. My initial reaction was a "so what?" Im already immune.

After hearing the BBC announce that Sarah Palin was under investigation because her sister was divorcing a State trooper – an announcement that made me laugh out loud. If ever the BBC was desperate in its bias that comment was it.

The "so what?" is this.

Every woman in America who ever had an unplanned pregnancy will harbour a secret admiration for the supportive mom, Sarah Palin appears to be.

Every young girl who became pregnant and wished she had someone like Sarah Palin behind her, will be filled with a quiet admiration; every sister, mother, daughter, friend, teacher, counsellor, nurse or doctor who deals day in and day out with teenage pregnancies will be able to relate.

Every grandmother who was there at some stage in her life, and every person who was connected with a teenage pregnancy any time over the last fifty years will know how tough, hard and demanding such a situation is, of all the emotional reserves a mother has in store for such situations.

This is the reason why Obama said yesterday that the subject should be off topic. He knows. It’s not a negative; it’s not something to make Americans turn against Sarah Palin, quite the contrary.

It is a human, normal situation families have to cope and deal with day in and out across the nation. It’s a situation which which will make voters think she’s one of them. She has felt and lived their pain.

The "so what?" is this – more American women will consider voting for her than did the day before the news broke. Possibly a target group the pollsters hadn’t even thought of!

That’s a big "so what?".


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