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Posted Friday, 12 September 2008 at 10:55

I can’t remember ever agreeing with anything Lord Adonis has said.

I take huge exception to anyone who has not been elected by the people, having ministerial responsibility and making policy decisions, which affects the lives of people who exercise their democratic right and vote.

I do, however, agree with him this morning with regard to the expansion of state funded boarding schools.

Barry Sheerman - Labour MP and Chairman of the Children, Schools & Families Select Committee - has made a comment this morning which demonstrates just how out of touch, along with other Labour MPs, his party is.

If reports on the radio are to be believed, Barry opposes the proposal and wants to launch a Commons' inquiry into ‘the harm caused by boarding schools’.

Apparently his argument is that state run boarding schools, which are being proposed to benefit some of the most needy in society, will in fact harm the most vulnerable children.

I have a suggestion for Mr Sheerman. Go and spend some time in a City based children's charity, such as Kids Company in South London.

There he will meet children who drift into the charity HQ in the morning for meals and help, but who leave at night, often to sleep on the streets.

I met an eight year old little girl who did have a home, but not as we would know it. She had a mother who was an addict. The boiler for hot water and radiators had long since been sold to pay for drugs; as had the bedding and furniture.

The girl slept on rags on the floor. The mother was sometimes present, she did not physically harm the child and she was being fed by the charity, so social services did not feel she warranted being taken into care - and anyway, there were no care places to put her into, as there were children in a worse position than her.

An exceptional case you may think? No.

There are thousands of children in London and across cities in the UK who live in disorganised, chaotic, deprived and fatherless lives - mainly as a result of the drug culture into which they were born and we need to fix.

I would like Barry to go and tell those children that he does not approve of warm comfy rooms, regular meals, care, affection, routine, companionship, education and the only chance they may ever have in their entire lives to grasp a hand, to pull them out of the poverty trap they are stuck in.

I would like him to walk around the streets of London in November and tell every young person who has just slept on those same streets, that he is trying to prevent them from having a chance in life they could only dream of.

There is nothing in politics which is quite so unpleasant and narrow minded as the beliefs of the champagne socialist steeped in envy, fighting the class battles and perceptions of yesteryear, from a privileged ivory tower.

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