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Tea and Jerusalem
Posted Thursday, 18 September 2008 at 11:00

In September my diary is packed full of constituency appointments.

I work on the basis that my constituents will be so sick of me by the end of the month, that they will happily let me concentrate more on my Parliamentary work, once October arrives.

Last night I spoke to another group of the WI.

It really is all tea, home made cakes and bring and buy. I love it.

As I pulled up outside the village hall just after eight, it was dark and damp and for the first time the air smelt of autumn. The warm lights inside welcomed me in and guided me down the dark path to the wooden front door.

I thought about the door I enter through when I arrive at the House of Commons each morning. I have to pinch myself. I still can't believe I am there and that I hold such an honour and privilege. As I look up at the arch over St Stephens, the same feeling overwhelms me every time.

As I left my car the noise of the central locking cut through the air. The village wildlife had obviously settled down following the arrival of the ladies - I must have been a bit of a surprise as an owl hooted and flew from its resting place on the Church roof.

It was a full moon and I could make out its silhouette as it went in search of somewhere less noisy. I had probably just startled its supper.

I lifted the latch and walked into the hall and was met by a scene straight out of Calendar Girls. Woolly cardis were sitting on wooden chairs. Everyone commenting on how hot it was in there, despite the fact it was freezing! Lots of giggles as ladies chided and teased each other in the same way they have been doing for years.

I gave a talk, answered lots of questions and judged a photo competition. Then tucked into the home made cakes, sausage rolls and tea, as compulsive feeders in the guise of mothers made me!

I left the ladies organising who was going to make what for the Harvest supper. Content, happy, at peace with their lives.

As I left the hall and closed the wooden latched door behind me with the sound of their thanks and warm wishes ringing in my ears, I felt that feeling of pride again.

I do realise that I am a very lucky lady to constantly be in the company of and to be able to meet such lovely people. - I have the nicest constituency.

Have I ever mentioned this before?

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