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The PM, Botox And The Sunday Times Style Magazine
Posted Sunday, 21 September 2008 at 09:50

It’s Sunday 9.30am and I have had more shocks than any reasonable morning after a friends birthday party the night before girl should have to take - before her second cup of tea anyway!


The first began with the news that the Beds on Sunday have done yesterdays march proud in terms of coverage. Full blog post and links tomorrow.


The second was that there is a full page photograph of me wearing a £4000 suit (not mine!) in the Sunday Times Style magazine. The shoes are to die for!!


The third is the biggest. I am sat in front of the Television discussing the merits of Paracetamol v Alka Seltzer with my friend who is a Doctor. We are also watching Gordon Brown on Andy Marr.


My friend has just completed a course in cosmetic enhancements. Actually, he is now my best friend.


Suddenly he announces, “Wow, Gordon Brown has had fillers and Botox”.


At first I thought he meant dental fillings, but no, he assures me that  Gordon Brown has had a chemical filler  injected into the two craggy gaps lines which did run from the side of his nose; and he has had Botox injections in his face to relax and smooth his appearance.


He is absolutely 100 percent convinced.


I am not sure looking less scary is going to stop frightening the voters away Gordon.


I'm looking closer - I think he's right!

Anonymous said:
Responded: Wednesday, 1 April 2009
Having just seen Gordon Brown with Barak Obama at the G20 - Gordon's eyebrows didn't move once - and he was a little heavy on the blusher. Having said that, most people wouldn't want to go head to head with Obama in a beauty parade!
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