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Posted Wednesday, 24 September 2008 at 13:10

Nadine Dorries MP & Dr Herbert London.

Yesterday - courtesy of the Henry Jackson Society - I welcomed Dr Herbert London, President of the Hudson Institute in Washington DC and New York to the House of Commons.

Dr London is an academic and listed in just about every American Whos Who. He is a prolific author, as well as a political and social commentator.

He is also Professor Emeritus of New York University, a Republican and likes Sarah Palin only marginally more than I do. He also has amazing recall.

His speech was focused on the forthcoming US elections; the global foreign policy challenges facing whoever becomes the next President; and his latest book ‘America’s Secular Challenge’ which I started to read last night.

His speech was peppered with anecdotes which gave balance to the very serious talk he delivered. Dr London’s message is that belief matters. How can you work or fight to retain what you believe in, if you don’t believe in anything?
He is well aware that his own beliefs do not enjoy much credence amongst the Liberal elite, many of whom mistrust religious belief of any kind. Yet he questions whether radical secularism offers a sufficiently robust alternative to religion – robust enough, that is, to nurture the core values of western civilisation at a time when those values are under siege not only from external threats of radical Islam, but also from the internal threats of moral anaemia and fecklessness.

In the UK we see, pay for and deal with, the problems of a broken society everyday, brought about by what Dr London would describe as fecklessness and the moral anaemia of drugs and prostitution.

In the UK it's too late for religious belief to answer the problems we face today and for that I lay the blame solely at the feet of the established Church.

However, his argument is based upon an even bigger problem which dwarfs that of the broken society, terrorism and radical Islam. If we are facing the clash of two civilisations, how on earth can a Western civilisation succeed without the focus and strength of core fundamental beliefs?

I had lunch after the talk with Dr Alan Mendoza, Director of the Henry Jackson Society, Herb and his wife Vicky who is a wealth of knowledge. They were such lovely people.

I have just opened a copy of the book Herb gave me and he has written on the inside, “To my favourite MP.”

As of today he is my favourite academic and if meeting him showed me anything, it was that there should be a much stronger working relationship between British and American  politicians.

We face similar problems both within our own society and on a global level. There is strength in unity and there are many ways to work the ‘special relationship’ other than between two men at the top.

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