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Posted Thursday, 2 October 2008 at 11:29

David Cameron may inherit a set of circumstances which will challenge and test him to the limit. With terror on our doorsteps and financial chaos already in through the door, he will need to draw on every ounce of strength and ability that he has.

Yesterday, he portrayed to us all the hidden qualities he will draw upon when his day comes. He understands the importance of a strong and loyal team around him. He feels and understands the pain of every citizen who is suffering; and more importantly he is driven to do something about it.

He will be a great man, has all the qualities needed to become the next Churchill, my own personal political hero.

I looked at David yesterday whilst he delivered his speech and felt emotional with pride. No other party has anyone who comes anywhere near.

When he finished to rapturous applause the thought ‘your country needs you’ went through my mind, as I am sure it did many others.

Roll on that day.

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