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Backroom Deals?
Posted Friday, 17 October 2008 at 12:05

ePolitix have run a story on the row between Brown and Harman regarding the debate taking place next Wednesday on the final stages of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) Billl during which abortion will be debated, again.

Harman denies that any row has taken place, however, some think differently, and this is the reason why.

During the lead up to the time limit on abortion debate, the Crewe and Nantwich by-election was in full force and the political climate looked extremely encouraging for us.

Edward Timpson was a great candidate, Eric Pickles was the campaign chief and there was also the fall out over 10p tax.  

Labour was desperate to avoid any more pitfalls that might push more Labour voters towards the Conservatives. 
Barely a night went by when I didn’t get a text message at around 9pm from MPs canvassing in Crewe. Message usually read ‘Go for it Nadine.'

Many people in Crewe were aware of the abortion issue, due to the huge amount of media attention surrounding the forthcoming debate and the 20 week campaign.

Labour lost - what was until then - a 'safe' seat.

The debate comes back to the Commons for report stage and third reading next Wednesday - but off stage we have the Glenrothes by election in full swing.

No wonder Gordon is nervous. He knows that public opinion is sickened by the fact that we abort babies at 24 weeks and that we live in the abortion capital of Europe.

He knows that moves by Labour women MPs, supported by the majority of Lib-Dems to liberalise our abortion laws even further - when what the public want is fewer abortions not more - could have an impact on the result of the by-election.

However, there is another little twist and that is this.

The abortion vote which took place on time limits was whipped by Harman, as reported here.

Apparently the deal Harman had with Labour women MPs was that she would deliver a defeat to the 20 week campaign and liberalise our abortion laws even further, in order to guarantee her the vote of Labour women in any future leadership contest.

Now if you were Gordon Brown what would you do?

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