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Aunty Beeb Off?
Posted Tuesday, 28 October 2008 at 16:07

It should be all over for the BBC. Why do we expect people who are worried about whether or not they can afford their mortgage and Christmas, to pay £140 for a licence fee to hear the vulgar and lewd outpourings of Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand?

Each are paid millions - Jonathan Ross reportedly £13 million - of our hard earned money and they use it to offend and disgust one of our most respected actors - their comments regarding his 23 year old granddaughter are just simply disgusting.

It was a pre-recorded programme and the BBC managers are procrastinating, regarding to what action they should take.

Whilst they do that, I hope every member of the British public thinks hard about what the BBC now stands for; and I hope people in my own party who support both the institution of the BBC and the licence fee will ask themselves, why?

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