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Posted Wednesday, 29 October 2008 at 11:30

I was a little bit upset this morning to see how a short interview I had given, had been written up. It was smutty. For example, my answer to the question "What would you most like to be doing right now" I believe was something like "Having a meal with my girls and everyone I love round one table." That's not what was printed.

Although the interview had been light hearted, my answers had been taken out of context.

The next surprise came when I discovered that I've been quoted in the Mirror and the Guardian with regard to my disgust at the Brand & Ross fiasco and in fact although both left wing BBC supporting newspapers, they are reporting fairly.

Then came a BBC 5 Live interview and the interviewer completely challenged my assertion that you had to dig to find the story on the BBC website at 5pm yesterday. She said 'It led on the 6pm news, second item 5pm'....and so on.

I hadn't mentioned the news, I had specifically said the website, but of course, I wasn't given the chance to say that, and actually, the news coverage was slow to climb up the BBC agenda. I wasn't given the opportunity to say that either.

As politicians we are expected to be at the medias beck and call and yet I have to confess, no matter how many interviews you give - and I have given a huge number now - you can never tell sharks from angels, which makes each and every interview a risky affair.

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