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God Bless America
Posted Monday, 3 November 2008 at 13:33


Oh I know, it’s all American hype everywhere at the moment due to a fairly unimportant little election taking place somewhere tomorrow; however, something pretty big is happening in Westminster tonight.

America In The World, an online centre for combating anti American prejudice is being launched tonight by David Cameron at a Westminster Hotel on behalf of Stephan Shakespeare and Tim Montgomerie. AITW is the brainchild of Tim Montgomerie, also editor of Conservative Home ,and it aims to do what it says on the tin.

The first AITW lecture will be delivered by Justin Webb the BBC's North American correspondent, who many of us have listened to on the Today Programme, giving frequent updates from the US election campaigns.

Yesterday, Tim read me an extract from something Justin had written, and I have to admit, it brought a tear to my eye…

I do not think Barack Obama will win or lose because of his race, but if he does win, the real moment you will know that America has changed is not when he takes the oath, but when we see pictures of tiny people padding along the White House corridors - a black First Family - representing America and American-ness.

True, Americans tire of their presidents, but in their early years they hold huge sway, they set the style. Americans will look in the mirror, metaphorically speaking, and black faces will look back.

I wonder if the Obama children have ever asked the question: "Are we nearly there?" The answer, at last, is: Yes, we are nearly there."

What a long distance America has travelled since the Kennedy days.

Attended by MPs from all political parties as well as many CEOs from the business world, there will be an address by Stephan Shakespeare, publisher of AITW, and then the star of the evening David Cameron.

But of course we all know the real star will be in the crowd, shunning the limelight and enjoying the huge success we all know this evening will be.

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