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Posted Tuesday, 4 November 2008 at 17:12

The launch of America In The World last night was a huge success. Maybe the atmosphere had something to do with the American election being so close, as in the following day.

Everyone in attendance was in agreement that anti-American prejudice has gone too far and is almost entirely based upon false premise.

Maybe it’s written in the stars - as in those sat next to the stripes; but it is surely fortuitous that America in the World, flew its first flag the day before America elects its first ever black president, and alters the political landscape in a way few would have thought possible, only a very short time ago.

The election of Obama will ricochet across the world and there will be much praise for a meritocratic USA which can truly embrace equality. I have only one small doubt. Hearing Obama speak of his grandmother's death at a rally, his parting words were "We will change America, we will change the world".

He better had, because when you use your rhetoric to raise expectations to that incredibly high level and then fail to deliver, you have that much further to fall.

It would make the objectives of those who love and defend America, and organisations like America In The World, that much more difficult to achieve at a time when both are looking forward to riding the crest of the Obama wave and achieving a great deal in a the happy honeymoon period ahead.

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