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Goodnight Mr Baker...
Posted Thursday, 6 November 2008 at 20:36

My daughter and the politics class from Bedford Modern are sat in the Question Time audience texting me, asking for questions.


It’s the youngest, noisiest, cheekiest, funniest, live wire daughter and I’ve just had a chat to a very brave politics teacher, Mr Baker, via her phone. I told him I think he’s a bit of a hero, which he is. All the girls in his class must be the youngest sibling as they all appear to have the same characteristics as mine!


He commented that there was no Conservative MP on the platform – he has one in his own ear talking to him right now in real time– what more does he want!!?


I'm more worried about the fact that a QT researcher might click the name and chuck her out. All my pleas to wear a hat and keep quiet are falling onto a cacophony of teenage squeals. I can understand this - Jack straw is on the panel - oh be still their beating hearts!


In my day it took Marc Bolan to make me squeal.


Tomorrow I will be blogging about our lovely intern, Annie, and about a very special visit we had to Parliament today.


I am also in Chelmsford speaking at a lunch and then heading back to open early Christmas fairs, attend an exhibition and then on Sunday its Remembrance Day service and parade - this year I’m in Shefford.




It’s all over… they have just rang me as they left the studio enraged at the way some people in the audience were shouting at Jack before the filming started.


My daughter said that her and her friends wanted to run up and hug him because some of the audience were being so horrible to him…I’m sure most of that will be edited.


“Will you tell him how great we thought he was” she asked.


I won’t have to.. as we know from his days as Leader of the House, Jack's a regular reader of this blog. And besides, just which side is she on?




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