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My Friday in Mid Beds
Posted Tuesday, 18 November 2008 at 09:41

I've just received some photographs from my day in the constituency last Friday.
The day consisted of meeting with the parents and carers of children with cerebral palsy.
The purpose of the meeting was to talk about their interaction with social services in Bedfordshire, and whether or not their needs were being met.

It was then on to open a new independent living centre at Wadelow Grange near Tingrith, which was set up by the Really Flexible Care group.
I then planted a tree with James, named a Rooster and a flock of Chickens, and then on to learn about and support an overland trek, to raise money for children with disabilities and learning needs in Bedfordshire.

I am hoping once again to organise my day for children with disabilities and special needs in June. I had hoped Center Parcs would be open so that they could honour a few of their promises to the families of disabled children, but they haven't even dug the first footing yet! Details of the day will follow after Christmas.

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