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Twins and Prince Harry
Posted Monday, 12 January 2009 at 11:43


Today’s Sun newspaper carries a front page exclusive regarding the newly diagnosed dicephalus twins. Due in August, the twins will be born with two heads and one body.

Many may have seen the American Hensel dicephalus twins in a recent TV programme and the life they live as two very happy modern teenagers, who have just passed their driving test.

I have never argued for the abortion limit to be cut for serious disability, always making the case that such a decision should be made by the parents and doctors, and no one else. I have argued however, to create exclusions from the definition of serious disability for club foot, hare lip and cleft palette.

The decision of Lisa and Mike to continue with the pregnancy having been offered the option of abortion at this early stage is a brave one, and one which should be given everyone’s support.

It is their baby, their conception and their life. Anyone who feels like offering an opinion which is anything other than totally supportive should think twice before doing so. This pregnancy is no different from any other in as much as two people feel they have been blessed; and are happy and prepared to love and care for their baby. We should all wish them well.

I hope everyone gets off Prince Harry’s back today. The media response and that of over excited MPs jumping on the media bandwagon has been totally OTT.

Having spoken to lots of people over the weekend I have yet to meet a single member of the public who begins to feel even remotely excited.
The military environment is an entirely different context to civilian life.

Yes he shouldn’t have said it and yes he was right to apologise; but the first person who would have pointed that out to him would surely have been his friend!

I don’t want Prince Harry or any soldier having to think about a banal level of  political correctness. I expect him to go out into a war zone and lay his life on the line, in order to protect the free world and our safety here at home.

Now, what’s PC about that?

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