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On the eve of St Agnes
Posted Tuesday, 20 January 2009 at 17:14


Yesterday was the second reading of the Police and Crime Bill. The 66th such Bill to be brought forward by this Government during its tenure.

Although difficult to disagree with the Bill’s intentions, it would be equally difficult to find a piece of legislation so badly drafted, which will stand absolutely no chance whatsoever of achieving any of its stated objectives.

I will be sitting on the Bill committee and will blog more regarding the contents and woeful missed opportunities during the committee’s sitting stage.
This was my contribution at the 2nd reading  yesterday

Tonight all young well educated literary virgins across the land will be going to bed without their supper.

If you love Keats you will know what I'm talking about:

They told her how, upon St Agnes' Eve
Young virgins might have visions of delight,
And soft adorings from their loves receive
Upon the honeyed middle of the night,
If ceremonies due they did aright;
As, supperless to bed they must retire,
And couch supine their beauties lily white;
Nor look behind, nor sideways, but require
Of heaven with upward eyes for all that they desire.’

Tonight is the night young virgins, if they go to bed hungry, will dream of their future love!!

This morning on the eve of St Agnes,  my youngest said from somewhere within her Coco Pops, head stuck in Keats, just as her mother's used to be,  "no supper for me tonight mum"


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