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Elephant in the Oval Office
Posted Wednesday, 21 January 2009 at 10:24

Ok, I apologise in advance for what may appear to be pouring cold water on the new and exciting American administration; however...

Writing this from a purely female perspective, and after all 52% of us are, so why shouldn't I? What is going to be on Hillary Clinton's mind when she attends her first meeting as Secretary of State in the Oval Office? When she's sitting across the desk from the man who's filled her husband's shoes; and at her first meeting in that room as a woman of substance within the new administration. Any woman with an ounce of emotion would think - was it here? Or over there?

I think it’s fair to say that if Hillary Clinton is all woman, the memory of a certain Ms Lewinsky will be right by her side when she attends her first Oval Office meeting. However 'oh no!' distasteful this may read to any serious politically minded male Democrat (Simon!), I can assure you that every woman knows exactly what I'm talking about. It just goes to show the strength of Hillary Clinton because I really don’t think I could do it.

So, the elephant in the Oval Office, designed by Roosevelt and defiled by Clinton, will have a name: she’s called Monica.

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