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Posted Friday, 23 January 2009 at 10:59

I wasn’t going to blog today; however, Jon Snow’s comments on Channel 4 have so incensed me I can’t help myself.


On Channel 4 he said of President Bush; "We can call it a nightmare without it in anyway being anything other than objective."


Well Jon, is that your opinion, or is it that the opinion of Channel 4?


If it is then surely there are some serious questions to be asked?  Channel 4 are hitting choppy waters at the moment and are holding out another begging bowl to the tax payer. If that comment had been made by Paxman on Newsnight, you can bet your life there would be a furore the following day.


My attitude to Channel 4 and the BBC is sink or swim. Compete or sit back and ask for handouts. You may be involved in public broadcasting but maybe it’s about time that the market was re-evaluated?


The majority of people I speak to are beginning to question how much licence fee they pay, particularly in light of the whopping salaries they now know many presenters receive when they themselves are struggling to pay a mortgage.


You may think your comments on the Bush presidency are learned and informative Jon, however, I can assure you they are anything but objective. You may think the majority of the public may want to pay to hear your comments; I can assure you they do not.


People will form their own opinions on the Bush/Blair/Brown/Cameron leaderships and they will do so as a result of assimilating and absorbing the facts and reaching their own conclusions without biased influence from overpaid presenters.


Of course, if Channel 4 were not looking for tax payer funding and were totally self-financing then I will have no problem at all with what Jon Snow says as it will be my choice to listen, or not. In the meantime….


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