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Posted Monday, 26 January 2009 at 22:33

I have only just got around to watching the BBC two part Police thriller, Hunter.


I’ve had a number of emails and messages from people telling me that I was profiled, but not close enough to sue!


The programme is about three anti-abortionists, a doctor, a nurse and a charity worker, who blackmail the BBC into showing a filmed abortion. They do this by kidnapping and threatening to murder two little boys.


As Peter Hitchens said yesterday -  Since the anti-abortion movement in this country is composed of kindly, non-violent people who seek to stop the slaughter of unborn babies, it is hard to see how they could resort to the murder of young children in pursuit of their cause.

Of course, the three main protagonists in the recent attempt to lower the abortion limit were an ex-nurse (moi, who also happens to be an MP), a doctor and a charity worker.


It could all be a complete coincidence, but I think it may go someway towards demonstrating how biased and infiltrated the BBC is. Except, it’s not just the BBC. It’s Parliament and universities at the highest level; and the BMA, the RCN, the RCOG and every organisation, which has an opinion which can influence policy. The pro-abortionists had their day and remained unchallenged for too long.


Zealots of any cause have a purpose, which is usually to exert influence over what is almost always a cause unpopular with the general public.In order to further their case, they move away from the democratic process and embrace one of manipulation and deceit.


I saw that first hand when sitting as a member of the Science and Technology Committee during the abortion inquiry.


I will say again, I’m not pro-life. However, I do work with pro-lifers, and nicer, kinder people I could never wish to meet. They have one cause, to save life.

A very different position from that of the pro-abortionists.


I scanned the credits to see if Dr Death had been an advisor. Maybe he used a pseudonym?!


And I just have to ask the question - if the pro-abortionist claim that an abortion is an minor operation just like any other and therefore should not need two Drs' signatures, why then don't we see a filmed abortion on TV, in the same way as we see other operations?

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