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Posted Thursday, 29 January 2009 at 12:02

This blog is for my constituents in Mid-Bedfordshire. I need your help.
Many of you will be aware of the proposed developments which the Government, and the un-elected East of England Development Agency, have for our constituency.

They would like as many as 120,000 new homes to be built on our green fields. To give you some perspective, we have 55,000 homes in the constituency at present.

Yesterday I held a debate with the DCLG Minister. Here is the transcript . (Make sure you click onto next section at bottom to see Ministers response)

Following the debate I sent this email out (see below) to as many people as I can think of, however, it’s to you also. It’s to anyone in Mid-Bedfordshire who agrees with the points I raised in the debate. I have many more but was only allowed fifteen minutes!

Iain Wright is a fair Minister; you will see he gave some advice in his response. The responsibility of everyone in Mid-Bedfordshire now is to act upon that advice.

I am now about to go onto the Jeremy Vine show to talk about how beautiful Mid-Bedfordshire is and why we want to remain a Market Garden constituency!



To everyone,

Today I held a debate in Westminster Hall with Iain Wright the DCLG Minister regarding the proposed Eco Town and 120,000 homes targeted for Bedfordshire. Hansard transcript link here:

Every one of you needs to do something as a result of reading this email:

A). You need to respond to the Government's online consultation at Stating your strong views AGAINST the Eco Town.

B) you need to forward this email onto AS MANY people as possible

Why? Well, the Eco Town is an major piece in the Government's jigsaw puzzle. If granted it becomes easier to fill in the gaps and increase the urban sprawl from MK to the M1 surrounding Ampthill, Flitwick, Westoning and Harlington.

Even if the Eco Town doesn't necessarily impinge on you now, the development which may follow as a result will do. So please fill in the consultation and forward to as many people as you can.

If you read the Ministers response you will detect some encouraging noises and a few hints!

To Lidlington and Marston - food security is a big issue and one the Minister nodded his head furiously in agreement with. Its very much worth exploiting that angle, it could be one of our strongest.

Aspley Guise - you may notice he's looked up your web site!

Please everyone, I can't stop the bulldozers on my own, you have to help!

Very best wishes,

Nadine Dorries MP

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