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Posted Thursday, 12 February 2009 at 12:17

Last night, I arrived at Channel 4 looking like mad Mary from the mission (a Liverpool expression).

Having been up since six, I didn’t even have time to brush my hair before my bag was taken from me and deposited in a cloakroom. I was escorted to my seat, which was next to the totally glamorous and groomed Arleen Phillips,the Strictly Come Dancing judge, and on the other side Vince Cable MP.

I was short listed with Ken Clarke, David Cameron and Vince Cable for the Opposition Parliamentarian of the Year Award.

Frankly, having made it onto that list was an achievement and a big win in itself as far as I was concerned.

Vince won a couple of awards and because Arleen was presenting Peter Mandelson's the cameras were around a great deal. I think the programme, which goes out on Saturday night, may contain a certain amount of footage of a dishevelled make-up less me so be warned, don’t watch!

It was a very showbiz glamorous evening. When the awards were over, John Whittingdale MP, Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, and I had a drink, and were joined by a very nice man, who asked me what I had thought of the evening. I launched into how every award had been won by a left wing MP, book or blog, and how even the presenters had a left wing bias; and considering Channel 4 was asking the Government for money, I don’t suppose we could be surprised. I said there should have been more balance. Not in a sour grapes way because frankly, never in a million years did I expect or want to win; however, the bias was just so blatant.

For example, on the blogging table was Derek Draper, former Brown advisor, whose new blog is an unmitigated disaster, and already considered a joke amongst bloggers, with John Prescott leaving him in the shade. Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie, the true blogging celebrities, hadn’t even been invited!

The nice man drank up and took his leave and someone else almost immediately took his place.

John said to the second visitor, "Hi yes, come and join us. Nadine has just been giving the Chief Executive of Channel 4 an appraisal of the show."

I had NO idea he was the Chief Executive, now I feel really bad!

A big thank you for the lovely things journalist Amanda Platell said about me during the show and Claire Ward MP the Labour whip; and to Eric Pickles MP, I’m looking for you. There is nowhere for a man of your size to hide in the voting lobby!

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