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Posted Wednesday, 25 February 2009 at 13:34

Everyone is so deeply saddened by the news of Ivan’s death.

The atmosphere in the chamber for what should have been PMQs was sombre and still.

As the Speaker suspended the sitting MPs filed out in silence. The majority parents, all thinking there but for the grace of god go we all.

There is a profound moment following the birth of every child born to whichever parents from all backgrounds and in all circumstances.

The child born to a homeless drug addict or a wealthy mother is equal in the love it brings into the world during that moment. It’s when all things material, physical and practical are put to one side as a new pair of eyes open and shine.

The moment is hope. Hope for an untold, unknown future. Everything external beyond the walls of the delivery room is suspended for that short whilst everyone present in the room feels the love and joy of new life and hope.

As with all parents, at Ivan’s birth, David and Samantha would have wanted the very best the world had to offer for their precious little boy.

He got it. Devoted loving parents and a loving supportive family.

It is impossible to imagine how sad they all must be today.


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