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Posted Friday, 27 February 2009 at 11:59


I made the mistake last night of recording the BBC2 Margaret Thatcher drama on Sky + to watch over the weekend but then watched it when I got home. That makes me very bleary eyed after a 6am start this morning.


However, I have no regrets. There are lots of us here today for the very important Autism Private Members Bill (more on that later if the Government don’t play ball) and it has been fascinating to listen to more experienced members re-living their memories of that time.


For instance, one very important fact the TV programme didn’t show, was that the last person to see Margaret Thatcher in the fateful line of cabinet interviews was in fact Frank Field MP, the Labour member for Birkenhead.


Frank walked to Downing Street, past the gatekeeper on the door, Norman Tebbit, and gave it to Margaret as it was. It was that final interview which influenced the Prime Minister and set the course.


Nick Hurd is sat next to me in the library as I write this, son of Douglas who featured rather woodenly in the programme, and who was with the PM during the night in Paris. We have been chatting about the Paris banquet thrown by Mitterrand and the ‘over and above’ courtesy, respect and care extended to Margaret at the banquet by George Bush Snr and all the other world leaders. A stark contrast to what was happening back home.


I have asked many this morning why they didn’t get their act together? Why was there no campaign? How was it all allowed to happen?


I couldn’t possibly blog the answers without betraying confidences however; the one thing of which I am sure is that in the midst of where good meets evil, right defies wrong and where justice strides down the corridors in which petty corruption hides in dark corners - the treatment metered out to people like Margaret Thatcher, Iain Duncan Smith and Tony Blair, those at the forefront in all moral and legislative battles, will always take place.


Much of what happens will remain secret and possibly no one other than those immediately involved will ever really know the real truth, despite the best efforts of the BBC.

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