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Posted Tuesday, 17 March 2009 at 16:11

Nothing causes me greater distress in my surgery than when elderly couples attend and I don’t have an immediate answer up my sleeve, or a magic wand to sort the problem quickly.


I was delighted when Warm Front saw the blog I posted following the select committee meeting with Ed Milliband, and came into see me today.


Delighted because now I have a name, the contact details and a face to deal with.


The young man told me today that Warm Front try and respond to all queries within 28 days. I told him I would be on to him within 28 minutes. He laughed. He thinks I’m joking, I’m not.


In a civilised society it is entirely unacceptable that the elderly cannot afford to heat their homes or even be subjected to the distress and confusion trying to navigate their way through the Warm Front grant system. It’s not complicated and I am absolutely convinced that Warm Front tries its very best, but in some cases we are talking about very elderly people.


If Ed Milliband lives up to his heavily hinted at almost a promise, and being one of the nice guys I cant see why he wont, we may see an increase in the Warm Front grant allocation of £2,700.


If this is the case, the poor chap who came to see me today may not have my voice in his ear quite as often as may have been the case if things stay as they are.

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