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Posted Tuesday, 17 March 2009 at 18:26

We have a bit of a problem here in Westminster, the business is sterile and that makes for lots of bored MPs.


It’s sterile because the Government, or rather the PM, is avoiding issues which may put the spotlight over even more Government incompetence or create divisions between the various fractious Labour camps.


No way to run the country I can hear you say and you would be right.

However, it’s saying something when Conservative MPs are bored. We have a free reign to take pot shots at the Government and to expose the inefficiencies they like to keep quiet. If you are a Labour MP it must be mind numbing. Labour back benchers can’t expose or attack their own Government so you can bet your bottom dollar if Conservative MPs are complaining that there isn’t enough Parliamentary work to do, Labour MPs will be chewing on their fists.


Experience shows that bored Labour MPs are like naughty little schoolboys. They become irritable and naughty. Irritable, naughty little boys tend to look around for stones to throw, things to break and new friends to play with.


The PM is playing a dangerous game of control. He should be very careful. His party are prowling around like caged Lions which he only just has by the tail.


With a Labour MP just now walking towards the library. He was looking for a copy of the Evening Standard as there was something he wanted to see.


A Lib Dem MP approached carrying a couple of papers under his arm. “Is that an Evening Standard under your arm” said my companion.

“No”, said the Lib Dem MP “I’ve got the Sun and the Star”.

“B********” said my companion “I didn’t know he could read”.


Yep, went straight over my head too.

Snorbens Lad said:
Responded: Monday, 30 March 2009
I was somewhat concerned that you might have been saying that Conservative MPs dont have enough to do. You qualify it as MPs complaining they dont have enough PARLIAMENTARY work to do. Does this mean that in general MPs dont have enough to do? If this is the case then this infers one thing. Negligence. The amount of work to do to hold this bent government to account, research, analysis, (surely) a vast constinuency caseload and planning to try and undo some of the damage should mean that it would be possible for a good MP to work 24/7/365. Maybe you could be a little bit more specific?
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