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Posted Sunday, 29 March 2009 at 18:58

Flip, have I had my backside kicked!


OK, not all MPs are wet, obviously. The problem is of course that we operate within a politically adversarial system. All MPs of all parties are worried about speaking up to defend themselves in case it is used against them by their political opponents during an election.


My point is that by doing this we allow ourselves to be sitting ducks for the media. The political process is and does become damaged. It’s democracy itself which suffers.


I should also point out that during the abortion debate my expenses were trawled over by my adversaries in an attempt to undermine me, with a fine toothcomb, and that does give me an advantage over my peers in terms of my confidence to speak out.


There you go boys, I'm sorry, you arent really wet. (A bit damp maybe?)

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