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Posted Monday, 13 April 2009 at 16:30

If you want to hear a classic example of how biased some presenters in the BBC are, listen to Steve Nolan interviewing me this morning. He was standing in for Victoria Derbyshire.


I’m not sure I want my taxes to pay for someone unable to leave his own politicsal beliefs at the studio door.


I finally stopped and piled into the local pub for lunch with the girls and boyfriends at 1.15, having only stopped for three hours in what feels like forever. It was the pub or starve. The fridge contained half a dry lemon, a carton of milk and a tomatoe with skin resembling what mine will look like if I don't get some sleep soon!


 The food landed on the table, however, I had to leave and go outside to take a phone call from a very important person.


It's good evening Wales next. I was only allowed to leave the pub if I promised that I would use the word 'oh' or 'whats occuring' or describe the M25 as a cruel mistress.


It's time to feed my kids some wholesome food I reckon and reduce the additives!


Mike Spilligan said:
Responded: Monday, 13 April 2009
I'm so glad that you're managing to keep up with all the pressures. I know you won't weaken and the demands on you should slacken after a "no news" weekend. Also, please ignore the negative comments earlier (including a charity man who thought he should be the centre of the nation) but even worse are those who haven't yet realised how corrupt our pretend-Government is, much aided by its propaganda arm, the BBC, paid for by us plus another £120m "from the EU". To those I say, look at the political blogs, particularly the Kevin Maguire article in today's Mirror on line, where he had around 250 comments, almost all (former Labour supporters) tearing him to shreds. Lovely!
Henry Wood said:
Responded: Monday, 13 April 2009
For some reason that show is "not yet available" and I'd love to hear it. In the meantime, nothing really to do with the present brouhaha, more a question of "Back To Basics!" Who on earth told Gordon Brown he would make a good Prime Minister? This person has an awaful lot to answer for. Unless it was "voices".
Mike H said:
Responded: Monday, 13 April 2009
The Steve Nolan show is there now, but I couldn't bear to listen to that prattling idiot for long enough to find Nadine's interview...
Rob said:
Responded: Monday, 13 April 2009
I Think you have handled the Press really well despite the blatant bias being shown in Brown's favour. You do realise that Brown has not sacked McBride because he knows where all the bodies are buried and could start his own blog if the trough funded by the taxpayer dries up.
Elaine said:
Responded: Monday, 13 April 2009
I thought Steve Nolan was very good. I respect an interviewer who is prepared to challenge his guests when necessary.
Nick said:
Responded: Tuesday, 14 April 2009
I don't like the Steven Nolan show. But I thought he was fine this morning. His questions were hard and fair, and you didn't do yourself any favours by accusing the PM of lying. What happened to you wasn't nice. But show some dignity and rise above it - let the PM do his thing, and as an opposition member, throw light on the government's weakness. To me, who is interested in politics, but not sufficiently convicted on oen or the other side to join a party, this is now sounding petty. And your taxes don't pay Steven Nolan's salary. Your licence fee does. It also allows the BBC to make programs that are important, but would never be made on commercial stations.
Frances said:
Responded: Tuesday, 14 April 2009
'If you want to hear a classic example of how biased some presenters in the BBC are, listen to Steve Nolan interviewing me this morning. He was standing in for Victoria Derbyshire.... I’m not sure I want my taxes to pay for someone unable to leave his own politicsal beliefs at the studio door.' This reminds me of when James Naughtie asked Gordon (as we must call him now!) what he would do when 'we' win the election. The bias at the BBC is so blatant now. Lots of us are asking why we have to pay a tax to fund this organisation whose platforming of internationalism, secularism and socialism is increasingly offensive and irrelevant. Now you've experienced BBC Bias first hand, will you be recommending that aboliting the license fee be part of the next Conservative manifesto?
Martin said:
Responded: Tuesday, 14 April 2009
You should listen to Nolan at the weekends. He went mental when Boris beat red Ken in the London Mayor race. Nolan was ranting and wanting to know who was paying for the Champagne being drunk by those Tories.!!!! Nicky Campbell was no better either this morning. He suggested Bernard Ingham was as bad as McBride!!!
dennis said:
Responded: Tuesday, 14 April 2009
Well done for standing up to that blustering oaf Nolan. I couldn't believe it when he suddenly switched to Caroline Spellman. I know this may seem a bit smartarse - but the correct answer to Nolan's question about whether Cameron apologized for Spellman's mistake is: No. Why should he. He wasn't even an MP when Spellman paid her Nanny, let alone party leader.
David Presier said:
Responded: Tuesday, 14 April 2009
As a citizen of a country (the US) without a (forcibly) tax-funded official state broadcaster, I was shocked to hear Stephen Nolan working overtime to defend a sitting politician. Regardless of how biased our broadcasters may or may not be, they are not the official state anything, and we're not forced to pay for them. You were quite right to tell Stephen Nolan what you thought, and his blatant partisanship was pretty sickening. I was surprised to hear a BBC presenter actually lie on air to defend the Prime Minister against your genuine accusation. After all, these emails between McBride and Draper were part of their Red Rag scheme. Mr. Brown knew about and approved of them working together on Red Rag, so even if he can't possibly know the details of every email exchange between these two, he certainly knew what they were up to, and what kind of nastiness it was. I realize you can't really stand up to the BBC on your own, but you might be interested to know that there are many people both in the UK and abroad who agree with you about the blatant partisanship on the BBC. I can assure you that it's not only the BBC domestic broadcasting but BBC World as well. Most especially, BBC World News America is shamelessly biased. That's not funded by your license fee, but it is partially funded by the Foreign Office and the BBC's commercial arm. This is essentially a news broadcast with a political and social agenda, created for and targeted at the US audience. Imagine the partisan rudeness you experienced from Nolan and spread that out over an hour, every night of the week, and you'll have some idea of what the BBC is doing in the US. You may be interested in checking out a chronicle of BBC bias: That's how I heard about your difficulties with Nolan.
Chris said:
Responded: Wednesday, 15 April 2009
What do you expect from the BBC? They only advertise in 'The Grauniad', so it's unsurprising that the BBC is largely left-of-centre. Without public sector advertising, the entire Guardian group, already in financial difficulty, would surely fold - which just goes to show how popular it isn't with the paying public! At a recent BBC awayday, all bar one attendee requested 'The Guardian' as their breakfast reading. Given how the BBC bang on about how organisations should reflect the make-up of society at large, this does seem an over-representation of the 'right-on'!
Simon Raw said:
Responded: Thursday, 16 April 2009
I gave up listening to the BBC new coverage years ago and I suspect I am not the only one. Take heart Nadine that the majority of the British electorate can see through politically biased reporting. To paraphrase Daniel Hannan “… you know and we know and you know that we know that it’s all nonsense.”
Christopher said:
Responded: Friday, 17 April 2009
I know it's long after the event but...I am an inveterate listener to Radio 5 and I totally agree that Steve Nolan not only appears to be biased, but his constant interuptions to put forward his own point of view call into question the impartiality of the BBC. All the other Radio 5 presenters can manage to keep their personal opinions to themselves whilst interviewing politicians or whoever. The "Steve Nolan show" is well named: it's about him, not an impartial presentation. So, rant over, now we have seen Gordon Brown's letter to you, isn't it a shame he can't spell your name correctly; moreover I am amazed that anyone could read it; GCSE English must have the underlying concept of communication; I would give him a "fail". Keep it up, I am proud that you are my MP, but am so sorry that you have been enveigled in this sordid affair.
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