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Ray Collins and the Draper email.
Posted Sunday, 19 April 2009 at 00:28

On Thursday, at around the same time Gordon Brown apologised for Smeargate on camera, I received an email from Derek Draper.


I was sat with Margaret Driscoll, from the Sunday Times, although I let Margaret have sight of the email, I decided that if it was going to be in the public domain, it would be done in Bedfordshire.


I have to admit, the email touched me. I found it hard to believe that the sentiment was not genuine. I was torn between believing it was a cynical ploy - that Draper was ‘playing’ me and wanted me to pass it onto the national press thereby giving the impression that it was well intended as he had only made the apology to me and not via the press - or did he really mean it?


My cynicism kicked in upon realising that it arrived at around the same time the PM apologised on camera. It smacked of a desperate attempt to pacify me and draw a line under what was spinning out of their control. To portray a ‘human caring’ face from both of them via different sources in the media. The PM to a camera in Glasgow, Draper via me to the press.


If he was playing me, he got it wrong.


You see, I know, as do others, we will eventually get to the truth; we just have to keep on digging.


Today, on the same day the News Of The World run with the story that Ray Collins, General Secretary of the Labour party chaired the meeting which was called to discuss the setting up of ‘Red Rag’ the web site established to act as the platform for the smear stories – in Charlie Whelan’s office, the Beds On Sunday will print my email from Derek Draper. Read both, one after the other.


Read the Sunday Times and the fact that they have uncovered a connection to Ed Balls, which he denies. The Sunday Times story smells strongly of Ball’s being thrown to the dogs by Gordon Brown. As though the PM is chucking us a bit of raw meat to chew on whilst he finds the next expendable MP to throw us off the scent.


After you read the words of denial from Ray Collins that he ‘knew nothing’, read the email I received last week from Draper.


It appears that deny, deny, deny, may be a tactic. But it won’t work. The media will unravel this a little bit at a time. As they do they will get closer and closer to the centre.


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Jim Parkes said:
Responded: Sunday, 19 April 2009
Nadine, Your'e not a "Pussey Cat Doll" ! . Your' q Tigress - Straight for the Jugular" Keep it up! Jim P ps I like U !!
Anonymous said:
Responded: Sunday, 19 April 2009
Isn't it time for someone to put up a vote of no confidence in this government motion.
Dave Howarth said:
Responded: Sunday, 19 April 2009
Don't you think your overreaction to all this, and your desperation to keep it in the press is just as sad as the story that started it all? I'm sure it must've been irritating for someone to consider spreading personal lies about you - but now you're clearly just trying to get political capital out of it.
Cato said:
Responded: Sunday, 19 April 2009
I've blogged about this rather strange coincidence...
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