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Posted Saturday, 27 June 2009 at 11:53


For a generation, both broadcast and written media have failed to produce or say almost anything positive regarding Michael Jackson.


For years he has been written about as a child abuser, a recluse, a whacko and just about any other unpleasant adjective any journalist could muster up.


Scrolling through recent archives, it’s almost impossible to find anything written about his creativity, his musical genius or the tough and unusual life he had when growing up as a little boy.


The hypocrisy on the Radio and TV is very difficult to watch and listen to over the last couple of days as one journalist after another scrambles around to find gushing words to describe an extinguished life, words which have been elusive for so long.


My Michael memory is of my friend Rita and me, walking to school with a transistor radio listening to this which had just become No1.


or losing myself on the dance floor to this


I wasn’t a Michael fan, but for years I have been uncomfortable with the way he was torn apart by the media.


Why would any young person want to aspire to be anyone or anything, if arriving means having your creativity overlooked, in favour of every aspect of your life which has nothing to do with your work, becoming journalist fodder?

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