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High Heels
Posted Thursday, 6 August 2009 at 11:10
Don’t ya just love the TUC?

Apparently, at their forthcoming conference, they want to debate a proposal to ban the wearing of high heels in the office.

Can you hear the collective sharp intake of breath and the no noo nooo from all of British office working womankind?

Kirsty Walker from the Daily Mail rang me yesterday (I'm on a beach in Spain) and asked me what I thought about this.

This is roughly what I said:

I'm 5ft 3 and need every inch of my Louboutin heels to look my male colleagues in the eye. If high heels were banned in Westminster, no one would be able to find me.

The TUC need to get real, stop using overtly sexist tactics by discussing women’s stilettos in order to divert attention away from Labour chaos and debate something meaningful: like where has all the money gone?

I awoke this morning to a funny text message from Donata Huggins informing me that I had just been quoted on the Today programme.

So, from a prone position on a sun bed, with a toe dipped in the Med whilst assessing the damage to my pedicure caused by the chlorine in the pool water, I did my bit for all high heel wearing shorties, like myself, and smacked it to the TUC, via the Today programme and the Daily Mail with just a 30 second effort to reach into the beach bag and pick up the phone.

Some days, life is so good
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