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What's in a name?
Posted Tuesday, 1 September 2009 at 11:21

Yesterday was a work day for me. A function to attend mid morning and then the rest of the day peppered with interviews regarding the new law about to come into effect with allows lesbian couples to name who they wish on the birth certificate of a child they may have conceived and given birth to via fertility treatment.

A child with two mothers, neither of whom may have any DNA connection with the child.

The evidence to prove that the traditional family structure, of mum, dad and children is the one which works best for a strong society is overwhelming.

I support civil partnership. I voted for it and I think it is fantastic that gay couples can be afforded the legal protection they were once denied and lived without. I also believe that those relationships deserved the protection, status and emotional support and comfort all marriages benefit from and enjoy.

However, when it comes to the nurturing and rearing of a child, that is a decision that has to be selfless.

The legislation about to come into effect delivers the message that the family unit which has underpinned a functioning society for thousands of years is de-valued in the eyes of the government.

It goes hand in hand with the fact that couples today are financially better off apart than married.

Labour’s policies have deliberately set out to undermine the bedrock of a stable society.

There is no evidence that lesbian couples stay together longer than heterosexual couples.

No evidence to show they make better parents and no evidence to show that if a baby is born to a couple to whom neither parent may have any blood connection whatsoever, that the child, whose birth certificate contains the name of both of those people, will have any legal protection in the future.

Kids need dads. They need female and male nurturing and protecting role models.

We have many kinds of family today. I'm a single mum. We have families which consist of step-parents and children and lots of people working hard to make their new families work.

Behind all of that, until this week was the strong and legal requirement issued by government that a birth certificate required the names of a child’s mother and father, a man and a woman.

The removal of this requirement is just another fatal Labour government blow on the family structure and all it represents.

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