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Posted Wednesday, 2 September 2009 at 12:48


There was a strange reversal of roles in my house this morning as my youngest daughter opened my bedroom door and said “shh, don’t make any noise I’m doing a radio interview”.


For a second I was very confused as I lay there and thought ‘excuse me? That’s my line?’ And then it dawned on me, this was about poo girl.


My youngest is freshly returned from Leeds festival.

Actually, not so freshly.


Identification of mine was a tad tricky as the returnees fell off the coach. It took two baths with a vigorous full body exfoliation in-between in order for me to find her underneath the grime. Up until that point I could have been bathing any old teenager.


A family supper followed the prolonged bath routine. Family suppers in my house are very noisy with everyone talking at once. I’m sure there’s Italian blood in there somewhere. It’s all about the survival of the loudest.


I had cause to admonish my daughter at the table following her announcement that she hadn’t washed and had worn the same bra for five nights and days.


“Yuck” shrieked everyone, “enough” said I.


I had no idea what was to follow as to be fair, an ‘enough’ from me means almost nothing. If I want a positive reaction it has to be more like ‘I will confiscate your hair extensions for a week’ loudly.


Sensing she had sufficiently primed the shock factor element of the supper conversation my baby girl launched into the most exciting part of her festival, having witnessed the poo girl event.


According to her radio interview this morning there is now a poo girl facebook.


poo girl (as she is now know) took her handbag to the loo, which 70,000 people had used the previous day – which is in effect a wooden plank perched over a pit – and dropped her handbag into the pit. She then decided to go in after it.


The poor girl had only her legs sticking out and had to be removed by firemen who hosed her down and she was then taken to hospital by ambulance.


The rumour circulating is that she nearly died. My daughter put this right on the radio this morning by confirming that poo girl did in fact return to and enjoy the rest of the  festival holding on tightly to her handbag.


In the words of Cass, total dedication.


I wonder if she went back to the loo?

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