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Posted Thursday, 10 September 2009 at 21:55

Has the world gone mad?


The Daily Mail ran this story today which I quoted on about the new UN guidelines regarding sex education which recommend that children as young as five should be taught about masturbation.


Children of five need to be taught how to share, socialise, cope with school, and deal with being away from home and all the things that come with the big wide world when they move from the relative safety of home and nursery to school.


They need to be taught how to read, add up, save the planet, ride a three wheeler, spit on a grazed knee, climb a tree and care for a sibling and a pet, at the same time.


They do not need to have the innocent world a five year old inhabits invaded by someone teaching them the ‘what’ of masturbation?


Needless to say I’ve done my fair share of quotes and interviews on this today but of all the initiatives I have heard of in terms of sex education, this one depresses me the most as it is so lacking in any understanding with regard to the life of a five year old child.

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