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Nuclear Iran
Posted Monday, 21 September 2009 at 17:34
It was disappointing how little coverage the UK media gave to the brave opponents of Ahmadinejad who took to the streets of Tehran last week, fully aware that they would be risking life and limb to do so.

It is surprising to many, who believe that all of Iran has been politically in tune with Ahmadinejad, to know that 70% of Iran's population is under the age of thirty. They do not want to live under the rule of Isamist oppression, they want to wear our clothes, but more importantly they want to be able to choose to do so.
A country with a young population, rigged elections and no democracy is bound to be a recipe for a reaction and uprising.

Ahmadinejad has said very loud and clear that he wants Israel  wiped off the face of the earth. Only last week he denied the reality of the Holocaust.

Iran is very close indeed to having nuclear weapons which would reach Israel.
Can Israel live with this fact and what should the world do?

Iran has moved from a position of solid Islamist control to one where regime collapse is beginning to look inevitable.

The uprising of the Green Wave movement was not suppressed. It didn't last just a few days as the cynics thought, despite the torture, rapes, beatings and deaths. The bravery and determination of those fighting for the freedom of their country and the right to live in a democracy appears to be solid and is gathering support.

The uprising is undermining and distracting what has been the status quo in Iran. They are telling the world that Iran is not free and ultimately they will rock the regime and bring about the change required. But will it happen quickly enough? Will they divert war?

Do the leaders of the Green Wave movement know that, by Iran becoming nuclear ready linked with the ranting of Ahmadinejad, their Islamist leader may be putting the country at risk and in danger?

Those who take to the streets in Iran need our support. They need the West to speak up and loudly on their behalf.

They need America and Britain to voice its disgust at Ahmadinejad attending the talks with the 5 UN Security Council members and Germany on October 1st.

We need to embolden, with our moral support and resources, the Green Wave movement and help them in any way we can. Internal turmoil within Iran is the best hope to solve the impending Iranian nuclear crisis, short of war.

No one wants to see an ancient Persia with its people and history in danger. However, no sensible person wants to see the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty broken after 40 years, or a bomb in Ahmadinejad's hands.

It may be that sanctions are necessary, it may also be that these will be coupled with air strikes of critical installations.

We are nearer and nearer to such a reality each day.
It is a terrifying unedifying thought and one that could be avoided if those within Iran who wish to topple the regime were given more support from outside.

It’s time for Obama, Brown and other European nations to realise how little time there is and instead of ministers pontificating, as they are doing in the UK, maybe they could just show a fraction of the courage the young people in Iran have and decide where we go from here
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