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Dangerous steps
Posted Wednesday, 23 September 2009 at 12:59

I remember my former mother in law well who always told us how much of a burden she was to us.


She was nothing of the kind. We all loved her so much that we would have done anything for her and she knew it. It never stopped her from saying it though!


I can’t help thinking today of all those people who as a result of illness or age feel more vulnerable today than they did yesterday. Those who have always felt a burden will as a result of today’s ruling may now feel obliged to think the un-thinkable. To consider whether or not they should remove the burden from those they love.


Any change to the law with regard to assisted suicide should be made by law makers in Parliament, not by Kier Starmer.


No law changes in a dramatic way overnight. Steps are usually taken one at a time. This step takes us closer to the day when the next of kin may not be a loved one, it may be the state. The decision then may not may be taken on a basis of whether anyone benefits financially but on one of cost to the state.


David Cameron is absolutely right. Any change in this law makes the society within which we live a far more dangerous place.

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